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Life is both exciting and fascinating, whatever shape it presents itself.

I did not enter this medicine because of personal illness or a family member health condition.  

My literal steps through the doors of Traditional Chinese Medicine were taken because of curiosity, reverence, and to satisfy my relentless desire to learn of the human condition.  

Since childhood, the health of the human system, how it moves in and out of our perception of 'best' health has been in my awareness. 


What causes each of us to make the choices we make?  

Who are we truly, in those decision making moments?  

Am I being the best version of myself in this moment? 

How do the answers to each of these questions relate to the health of our whole selves?



Marilyn Williams, Doctoral Candidate, L.Ac,  is in private practice at Integral Acupuncture Health LLC in Portland Oregon. From the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), she treats various conditions with a focus on women’s healthcare and children’s food sensitivities.  TCM treatments include Acupuncture, Meridian balance therapy, Master Tung protocol, herbal formulas and natural supplements and the use of supplemental tools such as cupping, tuina, AcuGraph and Auricular therapy.  She holds certification as a practitioner of Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) treating allergies at the physical, physiological and emotional level.   image


Concurrently, Marilyn holds a B.S, Computer Information Systems providing software engineering consulting over ten years for financial, government, non-profit, and telecommunications companies.  Marilyn is actively engaged in the field of medical insurance as CSM, CSPO providing Business Systems and Product Analytics addressing improved automation and increased efficiencies for provider insurance claims, reimbursements and credentialing. 

Marilyn combines technology, project management and alternative healthcare in the development of TCM related software, educational health and wellness events and patient treatment as well as mentoring client’s ideas into design, passion, vision, and goals.