Integral Acupuncture Health and Wholly Health PDX

Medical Insurance

Acupuncture is covered by most Insurance. 

This practice has providers who are identified as out-of-network. 

It is possible that some codes are not covered even when Acupuncture is. We are aware that coverage may not be the same across different plans.   We also know that the current Insurance systems are not inclusive of alternative care as we would like them to be and continue working towards an improved health insurance system that focuses on patient health holistically.

If you need assistance understanding your insurance and Acupuncture coverage, please call the phone number listed on your insurance card.  They will provide all answers to your questions.

A SuperBill is provided for all treatments upon request. Each SuperBill is filled out with the required NPI, License Number, Taxonomy Code, CPT, and ICD-10 codes appropriate for your treatment.

Medical billing is not a service provided by this practice.